Sunday, 8 April 2012

Our House - The Kallara 33

So we have found our house!

Well after many weekends driving around looking at all the display homes and spending hours upon hours looking at the Porter Davis floor plans for single stories we have finally found a house that ticks all the boxes. Well, we actually sort of found it a few weeks ago, but the lovely sales consultant in Clyde North called us up and offered us an $8000 discount for July / August site start promotion. We were initially ready to take our time and look some more as we are waiting for titles anyway but this was enough to encourage us start the process and get some quotes.

So we have chosen the Porter Davis Kallara 33. (insert crowd cheer here).

We really love the layout of the house especially with Bed 3 and 4 to the rear of the house with a games room next to them and if we place a door in the hallway between Bed 3 and the Bath room we could easily close it off if when we are entertaining guests to keep the noise down, while Bed 2 is planned as a guest room for now. The games room layout is the main reason we chose the Kallara over similar layout designs purely for the DD/future kids.

The lounge on this house is one of the largest of all Porter Davis designs, and with some simple variations to the walls we will make it even larger to support a dedicated theater room, we will also move the theater door way of to the side of the dinning room so that we can project onto the shorter wall. We will see if we can increase the length wall of the Study by 1 meter towards the alfresco to support the increased lounge room size and if possible add a storage cabinet in the remaining space so that the room doesn't become to long and thin. In other words make the lounge bigger and keep the study the same size as it appears in the displays.

With the Kallara displays they have the optional Soaker Tub option, we really like the way the space has been used with the shower relocated. I think it would look quiet strange with out it actually so this was something we had to have, we will also try and upgrade it even further and turn it into a Spa Bath, fingers crossed!

The only other structurally items we can think of at the moment are to extend the garage, and extend the default 0mm eaves to 450 or 600mm eaves.

Tomorrow we are off to see our sales consultant to get a our first sales quote.

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