Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Block

We have found our block of land!

After much debating on the block size, easements, street location, proximity to display village or to distance our self from them, corner locations, avoiding T intersections, and avoiding lots that are adjacent to non progressed stages of development, as we wanted to be able to move in and not have to worry about the dust storm and noise from development work directly next to our house. We have found what we think is a block that is the best of all worlds.

North facing block! YAY, no thoroughfare traffic, not at the end of  T intersection.

The block is 16.5M wide x 32M deep (528 SQM), which is great I can get a bigger garage! The property does have a 3 meter easement running along the back fence, hopefully this doesn't cause us to many issues. With the larger garage and local amenities we don't see the need to build anything substantial like sheds or pools so we'll use the easement as our veggie garden or something creative that we won't lose sleep over should they need to rip it up.

The only thing that is wrong is that the cross over is on the east side of the property, we want ours on the west so the garage takes the brunt of the west sun in the afternoon.

So we have spoken to the developer who has promised that they will relocate the cross over as they haven not yet pored the concrete and all we have to do is pay our deposit and sign a crossover relocation form when we sign our contract. The also advised that there will be no cost in relocating the crossover. Great!

So we paid our holding depositing on the land and waited for the sales consultant to prepare our land contracts.

So we are pretty excited on our new land prospects, after paying our holding deposit we went driving around the local area and checking out all the local shops as you do.

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