Friday, 25 May 2012


So we had our Tender appointment today. It was supposed to go for 4 hours, we went the full day and we were totally exhausted at the end of it.

We spent a bit of time playing with Window sizes, Stacker Doors and Sliding Doors.

We found out more detail around:

  • Initial site costs indicated
  • Site Sitting Corrected after much discussion around the Garage dimensions drawn being incorrect
  • Surprise! Bushfire assessment $7300!
  • Windows to be set underneath eaves, because we elected to have eaves added. Which resulted in a confusing conversation about raising window height. I was concerned because I wanted to have the doors/windows finish at the same height and have bricks over the Windows.  They said if I wanted to do this it would be about $5000 because of extra lintels required and that it doesn't look "bad"

Changes / Updates from Sales Quotes:
  • Lounge Window Height changed to 600mm high x 2410mm wide in lieu of 1200mm high x 2700mm wide. We wanted no window due to the room being a Theatre Room, but this is not allowed in the BCA and states the window must be a minimum of 10% of the floor area. So we chose the smallest we could get taking into account the 10% rule and chose a standard window size from Stegbar and provided this to PD at Tender. There was no issues with this.
  • Games / Alfresco Door changed to 2400mm high x 2400mm wide in lieu of 2100mm high x 2400mm wide Sliding Door
  • Delete Study West Facing Window
  • Make North facing Study Window Full height. 2400mm high x 1800mm wide in lieu of 1200mm high x 1800mm wide.
  • Costs for Lounge Walls relocation and Double Doors included (But they wouldn't let us have the doors open to 180 degree, I'll get a carpenter to fix this after we move in)
  • Rear Garage Door updated to 1020mm instead of 1200mm wide. (1200mm is to wide)
  • Bed 2/3/4 Removed skinny 600mm high x 2410mm wide Windows for larger 1200mm hig x 1800mm wide Windows.
  • Family / Alfresco Sliding Door changed to Stacking Sliding Door. Height changed to 2400mm high x 2700mm wide in lieu of 2100mm high x 2700mm Sliding Door.
  • Added Aluminum Sliding Fly Screen Doors with Aluminum Mesh to Family Games Rooms.
  • Cavity Sliding Doors to Pantry / Study
  • Discussion around Doors for Ensuite but decided against it when cost came to $4000.
  • Updated Entrance Door to 1020mm wide (not a 1200mm Pivot Door due to $4000 cost and little fingers) Door to be same as Epping Kallara Entrance.
  • Hallway door specified as a WIN7FG with Transparent Glass on top for some privacy and light.
  • RIMM door with Transparent Glazing for Pantry
  • Cat3 Bricks (not sure if this was in early versions)
  • Additional Manhole to Garage, can't relocate one in Hallway because of access requirements for hHating
  • Store cupboard added to Study. Keeps the Study size looking the same as the display, but has a large storeroom for Media/Coms/AV stuff.
  • Tiber Dumper to Ensuite Shower with separate Mixer.
  • All Overhead Cupboard heights increased from 720mm to 920mm high and bulkhead/cornice above all cupboards. (Hate that dust on top of cupboards.)
  • Change the Rangehood to Slide Out. Ensure that Rangehood is vented externally (no oil/smells in the roof please)
  • Make sure all the Cupboards match, Shadow line, Pencil Edges, etc
  • Glass Splashback to Kitchen/Pantry Walls.
  • Caesarstone pricing fixed up. Cat1 for Kitchen/Ldry, Cat2 for everywhere else.
  • Taps: Capped fresh water points to Fridge, and Toilets for Electronic Bidet. PD refused to do the Toilets, which we asked if there was a problem at Quote time. We said we will walk away from the deal (and we would have) and all of sudden they could add them
  • Laundry Taps Under Bench for Front loading Washing Machine
  • Acoustic R2.5 insulation to Theater Wall
  • Upgraded Heating Ducts to 8" from 6" standard for Future Air Conditioner (Note this might still be to small)
  • Added Additional Heating Ducts to Bathroom/Ensuite
  • Full Tiling to Ensuite Wall, including upgrade of Stud Centers to 300mm spacing
  • Stained Finish to Pantry and Hallway Doors
  • Delete Raised Ceiling to Entry and Kitchen
 PD Wouldn't Do:
  • Won't do 100mm Slab to Garage. Wanted this for future mini Car Hoist. But Engineering needs all the specifications, locations, etc and it would need to be engineered, = lots more $$$. They really were not interested in helping at all here.
  • Won't leave Skirting Boards off for future Flooring.
  • Won't do Sink Cabinet to garage, but will do capped Hot, Cold and Waste Points.
  • Cant move Meter Box Forward anymore because of Estate Restrictions.

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