Monday, 17 December 2012


So we haven’t been to the site since last week and were anxious so see what had changed. So when we arrived we were happily surprised. Our site was now covered in fine gravel, all the plumbing and stormwater was completed. There is a large pile of foam blocks on one side of our land and on the other side a large pile of reo!

We saw that there was peering for our house along fence lines that had easements near them and along the back of the house to our rear easement.

It was great to walk around and see where the plumbing comes up and get an idea where the bath, shower, toilet, basins, sinks etc will be. For the first time we actually felt excited about the progress.

We are really waiting to see what it looks like when the slab is done so that we can get a real feel for the room sizes and outside areas.

The slab is due to be poured on Wednesday 19th of Dec. We will head back tomorrow and see how much slab prep is done, then back on Wednesday!


Plumbing Finished
Piers Set
Gravel Laid
Foam Delivered
Reinforcing Delivered

Gravel and pipes with bowls on them! (from street)

Portico, Ensuite, Master Bedroom

Bathroom, Games, Alfresco

Piers arround easements

More piers along rear of house and alfresco

More piers along side of house near side easement (overfence line)

Piers near Games Room/Bed4

Waffel Pods... mmmmm Waffel

Reinforcing nice and new

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