Friday, 21 December 2012

Slab Curing

Today we visited the site again to see how the slab curing is going. We were a bit concerned because it rained heavily the night of the slab pour and we wanted to see if we had any pitting in the concrete or cracks developing. For those of you who don't know what pitting is, it is the result of when it rains too soon after a slab pour, the pitting can be seen as dimples in the concrete and the end result is a dusty concrete surface, this can be a problem for tilers.

The first thing we noticed today is that they also did a bit of a site clean up and levelled the ground around the slab, this made a noticeable difference and now the slab doesn't seem like its so high anymore and when we think back to how high the plumbing pipes were pre-slab it reminds us of how thick the slab really is.

We noticed that the slab is still wet in patches between each of the waffle pads, we also noticed that we had micro cracks, small surface cracks that apparently are not an issue of concern and apparently this happens with all concrete.

We did have pitting in the concrete but only to rear of the slab, which is disappointing as this was obviously not finished up correctly with the helicopter, but unfortunately/fortunately? not enough of an issue to be a defect in the slab. The area where it happened will be carpeted/floor boards, and only small section in the bathroom where tiles are so hopefully we don't have any issues from it.

While were were there we decided to give the slab a watering to help with the curing process.

Master Bedroom, looking to rear., you can see the plumbing points sticking up.

Master Bed, WIR, Portico, Garage. Still wet.


Garage and Portico

Garage Looking down side of Study / Lounge

Games/Alfresco looking towards street.

Alfresco Garden Area.

BED4, Games room.

One of a few micro cracks

Concrete pitting, as you can see the surface will dust easily

Concrete blow near rear garage door

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