Wednesday, 19 December 2012

We've been Slabbed!

Today we were discussing in the morning whether we should go down and watch the slab getting pored or just wait until the slab is finished at night.

We decied to go down in the morning to watch the action and we are glad we did. We unfortuantlly missed the concreat trucks coming and doing the pour but we were lucky to see them doing the finishing work. Removing the pickets, the frame, and finishing the surface of the concreate. Glad we got to check it out.

Unfortuanlly thou the weather today was pretty dismal, it was drizziling througout the day, it was evident on the slab showing some minimal pitting, but they ran over the slab again with the finishing machine (what ever this is called). It continued to drizzel through out the day while we were in the area and we are a bit concerned the slab will get pitting/dusty slab syndrome now. 14 hours later and it absolutely hammered down, so tomorrow will be interesting to see how well it held up. I'm sure it'll be okay, but considering it is the single most important part of the build it gets you thinking.

YAY a Slab! (Looking from Alfresco)

Theater / Study Side

Slab being run over with a helicopter

Garge & Poritico

Portico & Garage

Looking from Garage side to rear

Garage, with waste point for future sink! That should keep the wife happy

Its a big slab!

Looking across through study, family, alfresco and games

And a quik view from the back. Not much space at the back!

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