Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Waffles in a Box

Today was exciting!

After seeing yesterday all the reo and waffle foam sitting to the side of the site yesterday, we knew that today would be a good one.

We arrived to find that our slab boxing was completed and fully framed with the waffle pods laid on the black plastic and reo sitting on top of the foam waffle pods.

What a big change from a boring piece of dirt :). Now we can finally see how our slab will look. I must say that the Kallara 33 is certainly a big house 310.35sqm after changes on our 528sqm land it looks HUGE! almost overpowering for the size of land. The frame sits quiet high, I was thinking that it would not be as high as it currently is, but I will reserve my judgement for when the concrete is pored.

It is still really hard to get an idea of perspective of what size the rooms will be, some areas look huge and other areas look really small. I'm sure it when it takes more shape with the frame we will be able to get a better idea.

Front of house, Garage on the left.


Portico, Master Bed WIR

Bed4, Games, Alfresco


Alfresco... we have a little bit of garden space

Shows a bit more of the garden space. Hopefully this is enough.

Garage 0mm lot finish looking to rear of property

Front looking to rear.


  1. Hi, came across your blog when searching the internet for the Porter Davis Kallara. We are looking at the Kallara 29 so we have found your blog most helpful! We noticed in your quotes that PD quoted $19k for your site costs even though your block looks rather flat like ours! How much (if you don't mind me asking) did they end up charging you? Thanks, look forward to seeing more of your build!

    1. It is quiet flat... only about a 60cm rise at the very front of the property. They took away about 40cm of soil at the highest point, and maybe 15cm at the lowest.

      We did get a final Building Variation when we signed our final construction drawings of:

      -$3927.00. So out site costs were about $15K.

      We also got our bushfire allowance refunded of $7K as they rezoned all the bush fire areas in October this year.

      I will finish uploading our quotes, pcvs and bcv in the next few days as we still made a number of changes right up until the end!