Wednesday, 12 December 2012

We have the Power

Another visit and some more changes on site.

We have power! We can see the remains of a large trench that was dug to run the power. Had a look inside the meter box and noticed that they ran our 3 phase power YAY. There is no meter installed yet, I'm not sure when this will be installed or if they will only connect single phase during the build? I also noticed that our meter box is the wrong color, its supposed to be Jasper. I assume that they paint them? Inside the meter box the electrician has drawn a map of where the electrical run goes so I assume this will be ours and staying.

Other items of interest. A Rubbish Bin, and a Porta-loo


Power Cabinet - No Meter
Rubbish Bin

Meter Box with no Meter - 3 Phase Power
Meter Box (wrong colour should be jasper)

Trench for Power


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