Monday, 4 March 2013

Bricks - Almost done, Truss fixed, Front Door

The bricklayers have almost finished. They have finished brickwork in the alfresco including the ledge for the bottom of the sliding stacking door, the alfresco piers and the front window ledges.

The truss company has been out to fix the gutter truss that they decided to fix by previously by making the below wall load bearing. They have cut up the truss and laminated new timber next to it. They have used some fairly large bolts and metal plates so hopefully there will be no issues with the way its fixed.

The fixing carpenter has also visited today and has finished shimming out and planning the walls in the Garage / Lounge wall, he even ripped the insulation in the process so hopefully this gets fixed up correctly.

The front door was also installed today. The front of the house now really stands out with this new door installed. I can't wait to see it finished with the stain added.

Tomorrow I expect that the brick layers will be finished.

Front Facade - Bricking Complete - Notice the difference in colour in the mortar on the left side of the Garage

Window ledges have been added

Portico finished up

Brick work and ledge under windows completed for Study / Family windows

Alfresco Pier done. I'm glad we moved the water points to the same side as the Gas point

Alfresco / Family room Door. Notice is not actually there?

Alfresco is looking good.

Whats going on here, recycled and mains joined at side of the house? Shouldn't it be joined at the taps?

The Garage wall has been shimmed and one of the studs planned back.

Notice the insulation ripped open where the carpenter planned the wal..

Repair work done on the gurder truss. Notice the extra wood laminated.

Here is an obvious cut

If you look carefully you can see the cuts on the original truss work

Truss has packing added and next beam has wood laminated to create straight edge.

Notice the wall below is no longer load bearing.

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