Monday, 18 March 2013

Bricks - Cleaned, Plumbing Fixed

We are almost at lockup, in fact when we went last night every door and window was locked...except one!

The bricks were cleaned today, they look great, I did notice that where they fixed the mortar colour at the front left side of the garage now looks brighter than the rest of the area.

The plumber has come and finally moved the drainage points for the master bedroom toilet, the basin drain for the garage, and also moved the drain point in the pantry which I wasn't aware that he was going to move.

I was also told that our plastering should have started on Friday and that they have a 7 day contract. Oh well I bet tomorrow we see some plaster up.

Note the photos have a slight yellow/orange ting due to the sunset.

Plumbing fixed and centred.

Plumbing moved in Garage

Plumbing moved in Pantry

Portico, Master Bed, WIR

Garage - Can you see the motor difference?

Master Bed / WIR

Bricks Cleaned - Bed side of house.

Looking down bed side of house to rear fence

Bricks Cleaned - Bed side of house from laundry to rear yard

Bricks Cleaned - Bed side of house, looking towards street from Bathroom

Bricks cleaned - Bed4 and Games.

Bed4/Games and Solar Hot Water panel

Alfresco looks nice and tidy with bricks cleaned.

Sliding door has returned and been reinstalled. The large chip is gone and replaced with two smaller chips in the top left corner.

Close up of the new smaller chips.

Alfresco / Lounge / Garage


  1. Hooray for the fixed plumbing! I thought you're repairing this by your own means, but I'm glad to know that you worked with a professional. Hehe! Anyway, have you finished the construction? If so, I do hope you'll recheck the pipes and plumbings before moving in. Update your blog, please! :)

    Zulema Sennett @

  2. Great progress! It’s nice to know that you hired a plumber in fixing the drainage points of your toilet. It’s highly advisable to allow professionals in working with these pipes to avoid leaks on your house in the future. It’s been a while now, I hope you’re not having any trouble with your drainage system. :)

    Kelvin Dawson