Friday, 8 March 2013

Site Meeting with SS

This morning we went down and visited the site supervisor who wanted to run through the various items that were raised in the pre-plaster inspection report and show us what items have been resolved and what items also still needs to be fixed up.

While we were on site he quickly fixed up the noggins for the ensuite bath, bathroom bath, and meter box. He advised that the plumber will be around in the next week or two to fix the drainage points for the ensuite toilet and garage sink, but he is not to worried as this can be done at any stage. We spoke about the concrete with the dusting surface that he doesn't think is dusting but said they will run a coat of bondcrete over the surface anyway.

The other item that hasn't been fixed is the sag in the ceiling to Games, Bed4, Bed3 and hallway outside of Bed3. He said he will fix this up on Tuesday, so I'll be keeping an eye to make sure each of them is in fact fixed as I will be very annoyed if they plaster with out fixing it as it will stand out like a sore thumb.

I asked what are the next upcoming items are he said that plaster should be next Wednesday depending on their availability they usually require 4 days notice. He also said that they will get the base coat of render done on the front projection, get the casement mouldings put around the master bedroom and WIR windows, and that the bricks will get acid washed.

We spoke about the off colour mortar and he said that they can get a special company in that can colour correct the mortar but he will wait to see how it looks after the bricks are washed.

He also said that once the plaster is done that the Kitchen cabinets will be in and that should all happen before the end of the month.

We had a chat about the ongoing issue with the stacking sliding door to the alfresco/family room that is currently off site being repaired and the SS has said that it is holding him up being able to put the house in lockup stage and that he may have to just board up the wall as his boss is getting upset that its not at lockup stage yet. Well maybe if the fixed the sliding door the first time and fixed the house frame issues when they were raised we would be weeks ahead now.

Anyway we are really looking forward to seeing the plaster going up next week. I recon this is the most exciting moment after the frame first going up. We will finally get some real depth to the rooms.

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