Friday, 15 March 2013

No Plaster!

So today we were expecting to see some section of the house plastered, but when we arrived no a single piece of plaster was installed. This was a pretty big disappointment we really hoped to see some progress, its like we get one item fixed per few days and then no progress.

I noticed that they had levelled or should i say attempted as there is still a 7mm gap between trusses!!, and the area in the hallway next to Bed3 hasn't even been attempted. I will be letting the SS know that I won't accept handover with a non level ceiling so he has more interest in fix it now.

Also sitting in our Garage was our stacking sliding door that had been returned now with new black tape on its fascia, I pealed a little bit back and could not see the original chip, but found another spot in the top corner that had be chipped thou alot smaller. I also noticed that they didn't fix the bottom track of the frame where it was chipped, this is getting beyond a joke.

The plumbing hasn't been siliconed in the wall correctly, I asked the SS when I was there last Friday if he could do this and he said no problem, then I reminded him on Tuesday and its still not done. I guess I'll have to just do it myself on the weekend as I'm not having banging pipes in my walls.

Some new plumbing work had been done in the last few days where the main incoming gas pipe has been run and fitted off.  As we were leaving we also noticed that they have fixed the mortar colour on the Garage bricks, I can't even tell the difference!

One thing seems to have been done today. Rendering for the Front Master Bed Window Casements

The bedroom reveals haven't been fixed or even attempted. SS said he would get the carpenter to come back and fix them all. Not one has been touched.

Casement coverings on Front Windows

Master Bed Window Rendered

More Render

The Fixed the rip in insulation in the Garage

Door Frame is back... but still scratched at the bottom?!?!

I hope they don't think they can leave this in there....


  1. Hi
    We are also getting Casement windows in our facade instead of Awning windows, our windows are only 600mm wide though.
    Are the casement windows set back at your request or is this just how they have to be? Just curious. Your casement windows do look great as they are above. wondering if ours will look the same?

  2. Hi Mumma Deb,

    Not sure what you mean by casement instead of awning?

    Our front windows are awning windows are per estate rules, but the the facade came with with casement mouldings. E.g. They just cut and gluded the "modulings" to the brickwork after the windows were already installed.

    They are no different from any other window in the house for setback etc.

    They will then bag/render them and should paint them.

    Does this help?

  3. tradies won't clean up the mess, make sure you go around and remove bottles, rubbin in the spa, bath tub area. they will tile over it....

  4. Kallara 33, any chance of getting an email address to chat. Just building, and have CBUS (I am a CBUS programmer) but wanting to know what lights you went with, do you have any more photos of the catenary wire with the network cables?

    1. Hi Loren,

      I ended up with the Clipsal LED downlights, I chose white gimble rather than silver as I didn't want these to become a feature but rather light up the features in the room. I chose a mix of 8 and 12w lights. 12w in all key lighting areas, kitchen family, dining, bath bed. 8w in hallways and for feature outdoor lighting. I chose the clipsal as they are compatible with C-BUS dimmers, and the 3rd generation can run a single light on a single dimmer without issues. Their light output is also far brighter than those of the cheaper $20-$50 led's of the same rating that you see around.

      I have also found a cool cabinet light that is only 8mm thick that I am about to trail.

      I have fluros going in the garage and when things calm down a bit we will go out and chose the feature pendants for the rooms and dinning table and outside pier and garden lights.

      For the outside garden lights I was going to go 240v but decided to run 12v as I can modify/change it at any time and don't have to worry to much about where the live cabling runs if I want to dig up the garden at some point.

      Re: the centenary wire, I might have but I haven't setup my computer in the house yet, once I do I'll try and update.

      It's basically a steal wire, with fish eye bolts at each end of the house. These are then tighten with turn buckles and the cabling attached to them. As you know you cannot leave 240cabling laying over joists so they must be clipped to joists or suspended on centenary wire.

      I have no problem with giving email address, but I don't really want to post it on this public forum, I can't see how to send a private message on blogger?

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