Friday, 1 March 2013

Bricks - Garage Complete, Plumbing Ensuite Fixed

The garage wall is now finished, and they have done more bricking around the alfresco. As the SS said, they installed the stacking sliding door to finish the brick work, then leaned it back in to remove it, but they have made as mess of the door in the process.

The plumber has also been today and finally got it correct in the ensuite. The mixer AND the spout are now in the correct spot.

Garage Wall bricking finished

Games, Family, Study, Lounge and Garage side of house.

Alfresco Brickwork is done.

Most of the Alfresco bricking is done, notice the only section above the Games door incomplete.

Brickwork looking into family window.

They used the slidding door frame to brick arround then removed it.

And left the door frame in a mess with mortar all over it.

Games window has been reinstalled, but reveal is still split.

The plumber finally got it right! The mixer is in the right spot now

And so is the spout!

And heres how its all supposed to look.

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