Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Plaster - Sheets up

Today we have plaster!!! We arrived on site and could see instantly that the plasters had been on site. To our surprise they had plastered the entire house, ceiling, walls, alfresco and garage! Talk about fast! It makes a huge difference to see your house plastered. We didn't get there in the day light so we took a big flood light so we didn't get a feel for how well the windows provide lighting in the house. One thing that we noticed is that everything seems much smaller than before, I've heard this happens until things get painted and furniture gets installed.

Everything was going well until we realised that they hadn't levelled the ceiling correctly in the Games, Bed3 Hall way, Study and Family Room/Study Entrance. The worst one is the Study entrance as there is up to 1cm difference in a 50cm span! You can see it standing on the other side of the Kitchen. I will bring this up with the SS tomorrow.

We also noticed about 20 used cigarette butts all over the floor inside the house, even though there are signs front and back not to smoke inside the house. Some people just have no respect!

Happy we have plaster, but as expected because the SS didn't resolve the ceiling issues that I must have raised about 6 times to him before plaster, it has now become a bigger issue!

The next item that really stood out is the family room window height compared to the stacking sliding door, The window sits about 10cm higher than the stacking door and looks stupid as its the focus point of the room. When we were doing our tender/contract we spent about an hour with our tender/contract presenter trying to get all the doors/windows lined up. We were assured that it would look fine... Well it doesn't! And then when Porter Davis didn't realise that the eaves over hang the rear of the property until site start they made us reduce our 450mm eaves to 350mm eaves around the entire house at the last minute and as our windows are set at the bottom of the eave it means the window is now higher again! ARG

I was going to speak to the SS about trying to reset the study/family room windows to sit on the bottom plate, but I know I'll just end up spending $$ and have will get a shitty job done matching the brick mortar. So in the end we have decided that we will fix it using a pelmet across both windows.


Standing in Kitchen looking towards Dinning/Family (I hate that window!)

Standing in Family looking towards front door.

Family looking towards study/lounge

Hallway looking into Family/Kitchen

Kitchen / Pantry

Lounge entrance



Games Room

Study / Store

Study, It looks very "cozy" but I think once painted/furniture should look okay.

Master Bedroom

Master Bed WIR

Master Bed Entrance


Ensuite Wall

Ensuite SPA!

Ensuite Shower and Toilet

Bed2 (Guests room)

Bed2 / (Guests room)


Laundry (thanks for getting plaster on my door that will get stained!)

Bathroom / Shower

WC Toilet




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