Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Bricks - Complete!

The bricklayers have finished! All the window and door way ledges have been completed. Thou I have a serious off colour issue on the front left side of the garage that hasn't cleared up. I will raise this with the SS tomorrow and see what he has to say.

I've notice that the top plate in the pantry has also been fixed after the plumber went a bit overboard drill the hole through the top plate.

I also noticed that the front projection for the portico roof line where it meets the garage on the left and the master bed room roof on the right seems to have been cut slightly off angle? I know they still have to install the lead flashing but perhaps this could have been tidier. I will wait and see how it looks once they finish it off and if I'm not happy with it they can fix it before handover.

Ledge to Ensuite completed

Bed2 Ledge completed

Back Door Ledge completed.

Bathroom Window completed

Bed3 Window Completed

Ledge added to Garage Exit

Still has to have lead flashing put in but I think they could have cut the gutter more in line with the roof.

Mortar Colour still not matching after a week.

Top plate has been fixed in pantry

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