Monday, 21 January 2013

First Site Meeting with SS

I had my first Site Meeting with our SS today on his first day back after 5 weeks! I wanted to make sure that I raised issues as early as possible to ensure that items are fixed before either tradies have left or the next stage of the build advances too far.

We have a few issues that we have picked up over the last week from the Frame. I picked up more each time I went as I got more focused and less clouded by my excitement. Interesting lesson there I think...

So anyway I raised the following issues with my SS, most of which he agreed and either marked down or said he will follow up or will be fixed in a later stage of the build.

We also discussed the timing and he said he will get the repairs organised and also he has to organise his own Inspection of the Frame/Slab. When asked if Wednesday was still okay to let our Inspector come down and he said that it would be okay and that some of the items may not be fixed but not to worry and book the inspection in anyway.

We discussed future timings of the build:

Tomorrow:   Fascias Installed
Wednesday: Safety Rails on the Roof Installed.
Thursday:     Roof Start
Friday:         Roof Finished

Next week sometime: Plumbing
Next week sometime: House Wrap
Middle of  Feb:          Bricks

And Electrical in 4 weeks or so? Sh*t! I better finish planning my C-Bus Electrical System.

Outstanding issues in Order of Importance:

* Sliding Door - Chip on paint showing bare metal size of 20cent piece. Requires Replacing.
  He will raise it to the Window supplier to "fix", when asked if it will be replaced he replied he was not sure.
* Framing - Ensuite Stud Centers not at 300mm spacing for full tiled wall.
  He agreed and marked on the timber for the Carpenter to install more studs.
* Framing - Theatre Room Wall built as Load Bearing.
  He discussed that the plans show it was not load bearing, but believes the carpenter did it because of our inset ceiling and that its has better support. He then said that he will get him to fix it.
* Framing - Toilet Doorway Framing Completely Split. Requires Replacing
  He did not seem too concern about the split framing and said it seemed solid. Not to worried myself.
* Framing - Garage Framing Overhangs (Completed, but is this acceptable?)
  Showed him the solution, and he was not to concerned. I'll also get the Building Inspector to have a look at this one.
* Framing - Roof Trusses not secured down on Family wall.
 His response was the the Roof Truss will settle on the frame once the roof has been installed (will check this again)
* Framing - Large Knots in the Wood Frame in the Lounge Ceiling
 We both agreed this is non structural and only for a small section of plaster support.
* Framing - Kitchen Splintered Stud in Load Bearing Wall
 He marked the stud and said that it will be fixed by sistering another piece of timber next to it.
* Framing - Laundry Door Way to Hallway Loose
 He marked the timber frame to have additional nails to the floor for the carpenter.
* Framing - Bed2 Doorway Not secured to Floor or Frame
 He marked the frame with the comment "fix"
* Framing - Fridge Spacing Framing Lose. Requires additional Nailing to Floor
 He marked the frame with the comment "fix"
* Windows - Lounge Window Spacers not installed correctly, Bottom Support Bent.
 He said this will be fixed later by Brick Layers and was not to concerned (I''ll see what the building inspector says"
* Doors - Family to Alfresco Stacker not installed level on Top Left of Frame.
 He seems to think this was not an issue. Not to worried yet as I'm hoping they replace the frame anyway and fix it then.
* Concrete slab - Rear section of the building blow out.
 He agreed, and while we were there the slab guys were there for another site which he then showed them (cool)
* Plumbing - Toilet Plumbing not centered
 He was not worried, said the plumbers will just move it over buy jacking up some of the concrete.
* Master Bedroom WIR - Tiber not straight, will make plaster difficult.
 He wrote a question mark on the timber for the Carpenter. he also said that the fixing guys will make sure its straight.

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