Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Plumbing - Rough In

So today we went and had a look. The SS advised that they would do the plumbing rough in today.

The first thing I noticed was that the plumbing had been installed in the ensuite but the stud spacing was 600mm when it should be 300mm.

They also did the plumbing based on our Contract Drawings and not the updated Building Variation #2. Where we changed the taps over the bath and spa to Mixers. The other item is that they have added recycled water points to the location where we should have capped cold water points in the ENS toilet and WC toilet that will be used for an electronic bidet seat. This is an item I can see that's going to be a pain point, we have had to argue this all the way from sales quote, tender, contract, and final drawings, and it seems it all stems from someone that had a bidet on a hose, which requires back flow prevention and a drain point, non of which is relevant to us.

The roof was also supposed to be installed last Friday but as of today it's still not on!

It was getting dark and I was getting annoyed so we left the site for today. I will call the SS/BC first thing tomorrow to get this sorted out. The photos below are from the next day when the house was wrapped.

Ensuite Wall

Ensuite Bath, supposed to be mixer to the right instead of taps.

Ensuite Shower

Can you see the shower dumper :) ?

Ensuite Toilet

MasterBed Wall showing Variarios Plumbing connections

Pantry Sink

Kitchen, with plumbing running to slab for kitchen Island

Fridge Water Point in Cabinets next to Fridge

Kitchen Island

Bathroom with taps incorrectly than Mixers



Master Toilet

Outside Laundry.

Another tap near the Alfresco

Alfresco Plumbing, Gas, and Hot/Cold Water

Plumbing in Garage for Laundry Trough after handover (dirty garden/car hands)

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