Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Frame - Walls

Walls up!

What an exciting day today. When we were driving down the main street we could see that all the walls of the house were up. We also noticed that all the Roof Trusses were delivered with the larger trusses sitting on the frame ready to be installed tomorrow from the looks of it.

With the rest of the frames up we spent a lot of time walking around getting an idea of room sizes and taking lots of photos. I was also looking carefully at framing thinking about how the future C-Bus system controlls and extra power points were going to be installed as we are doing these post handover while I was doing this my wife was busy taking photos of our DD in the house :)

The house just seems so big right now. I'm not sure if its just a BIG house or a bit of an illusion from not having plaster on the walls, but I'm really happy with the size of the Theater room (lounge), Kitchen, Games and Family areas.

Front Elevation. Garge / Master Bed WIR

Alfresco, Family, Study, Theatre & Garage (West Side)

Master Bed, Ensuite, Bed2, Laundry, Bed3, Bed4

Master Bed & WIR Front Elevation

Looking down side/back of house. Bed4 / Games closest

Standing just inside the alfresco door looking towards kitchen. Study is on the right side

Kitchen and Theater room (Lounge)

Bed4 WIR, also seen is Bed3 WIR

Study and Study Store (AKA Media & Network Cabinet)

Theater Room (Lounge)

Theater Room (Lounge) looking towards Kitchen

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