Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Frame - Roof

We have a roof frame!

90% of our Roof was completed today with the only the Portico section not completed. What a change this makes to seeing just wall frames, now it is really looking like a house and not just a slab with bits of wood sticking out of it.

We were really happy to get a sense of what our 2590mm ceilings look like, I'm even happier that I can't touch the ceiling being 6'3". The Theater Ceiling (Lounge) is raised an extra 300mm higher and really makes the room look much bigger.

I have picked up two issue thou, the Theater Wall next to the Kitchen is supposed to be non load bearing, but the carpenter has made it load bearing. The roof trusses were designed not to require this wall being load bearing. This isn't an issue right now, but if for any reason we wanted to pull down the wall or move it we can't as the house will move slightly potentially cracking plaster. Email of to SS/BC tomorrow for this one.

The framing in the Garage hangs over the slab by about 40mm, I believe it is allowed to be no longer than 10mm. I'll wait and see if he fixes this up or I'll leave it for my Building Inspector to raise.

Our Window Frames were all delivered today and I was happy to see that everyone of them is Double Glazed and confirmed this from seeing the DGU comment on the sticker of the window frame especially after reading of another persons issue in the homeone forums who was supposed to get double glazed but had singled glazed units installed.

One of the Window Frames has a large chip on the paint that has exposed the bare metal on it about the size of a 20cent piece. I'll see if they replace this if not I'll raise it.

House Facade (Bellford) with 350mm eaves all round except Garage side

Front / East side of house

East Side of House

Rear / East Side of House

Alfresco, Rear / West Side of House

West Side of House, Lounge / Study

Garage with 0mm lot finish

Family looking towards Kitchen/Pantry

Pantry looking towards Family/Alfresco

Theater (Lounge) Raise Inset 300mm Ceiling

Near Master Bed WIR looking toawards Ensuite

Our Double Glazed Windows, Stacking Doors and Sliding Doors

More Double Glazed Windows

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  1. It's looking fantastic!! :-)
    Great to hear you got you DG windows first time around, our replacements are on order and will be all fixed, thankfully.
    It's exciting to see the room sizes and such a relief when you're happy with them all.
    I hope you get your slab and overhang issue sorted out soon. Your blog is looking fantastic, it's such a great way of documenting your build.