Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Frame Stage - Independant Inspection

Frame Stage Independent Inspection.

Today I went down to meet my Building Inspector. I wanted to highlight a few concerns that I am pushing to get fixed. Below are the items I raised to the Inspector:

  • Paint Chip on Stacking Sliding Door from Family to Alfresco
  • Concrete Blow out on Rear Corner of House (This was already fixed when he arrived)!
  • Frame Overhang on front of Garage (He wasn't concerned with how it was fixed)
  • Windows that were not installed (we found out that they are damaged most likely from when they were installed and "fell out" and broke the hinges on them)
  • Frame Overhang Inside Garage next to Entrance Hall (Again this was already fixed)
  • Split frame on toilet, and unsecured Bed2 door frame (said most of this gets fixed at fixing stage)
  • Spoke about the dusting of the Slab (He said he would write this up as it can be a problem for people with allergies, asthma and tiling)

Fixed - Slab Blowout on Rear Corner of House (Bed4)

Fixed - Frame Over hang on Garage / Entrance Wall (Note wet Concrete)

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