Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Wrapped House

Today the house has been wrapped!

It's nice to be able to walk around inside with some sort of exterior walls! Looks like they have done a decent job.We also had our roof tiles delivered and the wood for the battens delivered so I assume they will put up the roof tomorrow.

Also had a call from the SS to tell me that he has a carpenter coming tomorrow to fix up all the outstanding issues that have been raised. We had a lengthy conversation around the lounge wall being built as load bearing. He was happy to tell the carpenter to make it non load bearing, but the building inspector picked up that the Roof Trusses were designed (based on the truss drawings from the truss company) that the wall was required to be load bearing, the problem with that is that it puts more weight on the slab where it wasn't designed to, I am really curious as to what is going to happen here. I don't want the roof to fall down!

I also emailed a huge list of items off to the BC/SS today. (Scroll down if you just want to see photos :)

New Issues:

* ALL Items listed in Frame Stage Inspection Report and Defects List dated Thursday 24th Jan 2013.
* Reveal split on bottom of Games Room Window. Reveal will require replacing.
* Plumbing installed based on Old Construction Plans and not BV2 plans. As such the following items are incorrect:
 * Tapes have been installed over Spa, instead of Mixer on Ensuite D elevation.
 * Tapes have been installed over Bath, instead of Mixer on Bath B elevation.
 * Additional Capped Cold Water Points to Ensuite Toilet and WC Toilet have not been installed. Only the Recycled Water Points have been installed. It appears the plumber has installed the recycled points into the location where the Capped Water Points were indicated to be installed. Capped Cold Water points are required to be installed as per contract.
* Plumbing has been installed into Ensuite B Elevation, but 300mm timber stud centers have not been installed. The 300mm timber studs will need to be installed, possibly with the removal and re installation of plumbing to make this possible.
* Opening Windows (the Window that winds open) to Study and Family have been damaged and not installed. These will need to be replaced and reinstalled.

Outstanding issues Raised on Monday 21/01/13

* Family / Alfresco Stacking Sliding Door - Chip on paint showing bare metal size of 20cent piece. Requires Replacing.
* Family / Alfresco Stacking Sliding Door - Not installed level on Top Left of Frame (inside). Requires levelling.
* Family / Alfresco Stacking Sliding Door - Reveal Split in Top Right Corner (inside). Requires fixing/replacing.

* Framing - Ensuite Stud Centers not at 300mm spacing for full tiled wall, this has not been fixed and now plumbing has been installed.
* Framing - Theater Room Wall built as Load Bearing due to Roof Truss Design, but in Plans is not listed as load bearing. Needs to be presented to Engineering and re-certified.Engineers Certificate to be provided to Clients.
* Framing - Kitchen Splittered Stud in Load Bearing Wall, Requires sistered wood next to stud.

* Framing - Laundry Door Way to Hallway Loose. Needs to be fixed to floor.
* Framing - Bed2 Doorway Not secured to Floor or Frame. Needs to be secured.
* Framing - Fridge Spacing Framing Lose. Requires additional Nailing to Floor
* Framing - Master Bedroom WIR - Corner Wall to Portico near Brick Pier. Tiber not straight (Out 40mm over 300mm), will make plaster difficult.
 * Windows - Lounge Window Spacers not installed correctly, Bottom Support Bent. (Advised brickies will fix this as required)

* Plumbing - Toilet Plumbing not centered. Requires re centering.

 Issues Raised and Agreed No remedy required:

* Framing - WC Toilet Doorway Framing Completely Split. This does not require repair.
* Framing - Large Knots in the Wood Frame in the Lounge Inset Ceiling. This does not require repair.
* Framing - Roof Trusses has 5mm gap on Family wall. Advised this will settle once roof is installed.

 Completed Issues:

* Concrete slab - Rear section of the building blow out. (Fixed)
* Concrete slab - Garage / Entrance Wall Overhang.  (Fixed)

Garage / Front Facade

Front Facade. I'm happy with the effect the eaves have added.

Front Facade / Master Bedroom, Bed 2

East Side. Ensuite, Bed2, Laundry, Bath, Bed3

North East/ Ensuite, Bed2, Laundry, Bath, Bed3, Bed4 and Games

Bed4 & Games

Alfresco (Games / Family / Study)

Alfresco (Bed4/ Games / Family / Study)

Alfresco / Lounge / Garage

Alfresco / Lounge / Garage


Ensuite / Master Bed

Kitchen, Lounge, Study & Family

Theater (Lounge)





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