Monday, 14 January 2013

Frame Started!

We visited the site today and finally our frame has started!

We were all excited to see the new frame up, well 1/4 of it but it was the biggest change to date. The Master Bedroom, WIR, Ensuite, Pantry, Study, and part of the Theatre (Lounge) walls were up. The rest of the frame has been marked down in pencil on the concrete. We can finally get a real sense of size for the rooms. I'm also happy to see that our extension to the Theatre wall towards the Kitchen doesn't look overly excessive as I was worried it would cut to much into the Entrance.

Our 18 month old little one was running around with the biggest smile into each of the rooms dancing. I think she was happy to see how happy we were and it reminds us of why were are on this journey. :)

Can't wait to see the changes tomorrow!

Middle of House looking towards Kitchen / Master Bedroom

Laundry & Bed 2

Bed 2 Robe

Bed 2 Robe

Bed 2

Master Bedroom WIR

Pantry & Fridge cove


Study and Store

Theater Room (Lounge)
Bed 2 looking at Ensuite wall

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