Thursday, 31 January 2013

Roof Scaffolding Installed

Today I went down half expecting to see a roof but really knowing that it wouldn't be up yet, which might have saved the house from getting a light flooding from the rain. As the frame was up there was no where for the water to escape and as a result there was 35mm deep of water over the entire slab!

Today they have installed the roof scaffolding and our Austral Chocolate bricks have been delivered. The colours look consistent across the batches which is a great start. I was worried there might have been a phone call saying that I had to change my choice.

Also got a call from Argus about electrical wiring in relation to their being no light switch points indicated in each room and that they correctly suspected that I was doing C-Bus after handover, other than that all Good. They advised that they will be at the site to begin next Thursday.

I also decided today that after the Electricians have finished on site I will run the pink C-Bus cable (cat5 like cable required for C-Bus communications) for all the light switches for my house rather than trying to install it down the wall after handover. I need to now plan where I want all my switches, future sensors etc and how much cable I need.

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