Friday, 18 January 2013

Frame - Windows In!

The Windows are In!

All our Double Glazed Windows and Sliding Doors have been installed into the House. I really like the feel of the Double Glazed Units, especially our Stacking Sliding Door. Feels so much stronger than Single Glazed Units. The site has also been cleaned up with the bits of wood and rubbish removed from the Slab. Looks much tidier now.

Now onto the bad news. We have a large 20 cent piece size of paint that has been chipped on our Stacking Sliding Doors which is a shame. We'll raise this on Monday when our SS is back from leave.

We noticed the the issue with the Load Bearing Wall in our Theater (Lounge) hasn't been resolved.

I also picked up another issue that our Ensuite is supposed to have stud centers at 300mm to support the Floor to Ceiling Tiling. This has only been done around the Shower.

The Carpenter also put in more Noggins today around the Theater Room, one of these has huge knots that have fallen out. We'll raise this with the Building Inspector and see what he says.

I'm not really happy with the height difference between the stacker doors and the Windows in the Family Room. I think we could have gone with a 2400mm Stacker and it would have looked better not perfect, but we were told that these had to be 2100mm max because of our 450mm Eaves, these were further reduced to 350mm Eaves. Due to having eaves all our Windows heights are set at the top of the Eave as such the difference between the top of the Door and the top of the Window are different. The difference is ~15cm with 450mm Eaves and ~18cm with 350mm Eaves which is much more obvious. But I realised as I updated this page.. There are no Eaves where the Stacker is it is just a flat Ceiling. I delayed updating this page because I was a bit down on the height difference. My wife tried to make me happy by saying hopefully its not so obvious with furniture and plaster.. but I am not so sure. And it can't be fixed without resetting all the heights of all the Windows in the House and installing lintels which will be $$$ and PD will most likely not do this. All I can think to do is hide it with some type of Window Pelmet. *ugly*

Looking at the following link for Standard Window Sizes and Standard Door Sizes,  I don't think there is any option in changing the door to fix the issue. As it will either be 15CM too short or 10CM too high, time to move on. Lesson learnt next time install lintels and set Door/Window Height to the same and have a 2700mm ceiling.

Front / East Side (Master, Bed2/3/4, Bath &Laundry)

East Side ( Master, Bed2/3/4, Bath &Laundry )

North East Rear (Games, Bed4, Bed3, Bath, Laundry, Bed2)

West Side (Games, Family, Study & Lounge)

West Side of House (Games, Family, Study & Lounge)

Alfresco, Games, and Study Windows.

Games, Family Stacker, and Study

Games, Family Stacker, and Family Window

Family and Study Window

Kitchen Looking towards Alfresco & Study. See the height difference??

Family Room Looking Out onto Alfresco

Study Window

Games Room

Master Bedroom & WIR Windows

Master Bed Looking towards Ensuite

Bed2 with a not quiet centered window due to brickwork

Bed 3



Family / Alfresco Sliding Stacker Door Chip down to Bare Metal :(

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