Thursday, 17 January 2013

Frame - Roof Continued

We visited the site again today not expecting to much due to the extremely hot weather (40°C). Our Portico Roof has been completed, the Valleys where the Roof meet have been installed. A lot of metal cross bracing support has been added to the Roof and Walls. The Internal Walls have been tied to the Roof Trusses and Noggins are being installed around the Theater Ceiling.

The issue with the overhang of the Garage Frame has been fixed. The solution the carpenter used was to block underneath the Frame with Treated Pine Blocks. One side of the Garage Frame this seams fairly sturdy, on the other side I'm not convinced of its value. I'll show the Building Inspector and see what he thinks next week.

I've emailed the issue about the Load Bearing wall issue with the Theater Room off to the BC today and she has sent this off to the SS. When visiting today I haven't seen any rectification of the Wall but I'd imagine the carpenter left when it got to hot around lunch time today.

Front Facade - Portico Completed

Front Facade - Portico Completed, Roof Valleys added

Looking at Roof Valleys on Alfresco

Portico Completed

Solution to the Frame overhang?

Solution to the Frame overhang?

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