Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Bricks - Bed Side of House nearly complete.

Today mostly more brickwork, one side of the house is 95% done. Just need the brick ledge underneath the windows. Still waiting on the stacking window to be returned I hope they hurry up so they don't hold up the brick layer.

Our front door has been delivered and I am happy to see that it is the wood laminate version verus the painted mdf one.

The plumber has been again to try and sort out the taps in the ensuite and has got it wrong again. He has put the mixer and the spout underneath the window. I don't understand how they can keep getting it wrong when it is on the plans!!. Mixer on the Ensuite/Master Bed wall, spout centred over the spa.

While I was there I also droped a few pull string lines to make it easier for the sparkies to pull cables through later on.

Master Bedroom looking towards portico

Bricks looking down from Master Bedroom

95% of brickwork along bedside of house completed.

Todays brickwork along bed side of house. See the mortor colour difference

Brickwork along Bed4 and Games. Notice the window missing.

Lounge wall and Garage Wall

More brickwork along Lounge and Garage

Inside Garage Bricking

View of the Cavity door slider installed in Pantry and some of the elec cabling.

Our new front door!

Plumber now has mixer and spout under window. Wrong again!

Insulation fixed up in Theater

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