Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bricks - Garage Front Completed, Frame Truss Issues

Today another section of the garage has been completed, the portico piers have also been done.

I also spoke to the SS today about some of the outstanding items, and he mentioned that the stacking sliding door has been returned, but they have even touched it. He was pretty annoyed at the company that is supposed to fix it as now the bricklayer is getting delayed as the door isn't installed. He said they will install the door brick around it and then lean it out so that it can be sent to be fixed. He has spoken to the managing director of the company and said he wants this fixed by Friday. Ha I doubt it, but good on him for not letting it go.

The gurder truss that was identified in the Pre Plaster Inspection report has also been fixed by the truss company. But they have fixed it by making the wall below it a load bearing and lifting the truss to sit on top of it. I'm not happy with this approach as if someone in the future wanted to remove the wall for what ever reason the roof is going to drop 2cm and crack the entire ceiling in the study/dinning/family room. Add this to the lounge wall that is load bearing that wasn't supposed to be and I'm more than annoyed with the fix. I'll be following this up with the SS to have it fixed properly.

Another section of brickwork on side Garage wall
Front of Garage Brickwork complete

Portico brickwork almost completed. Master Bed and WIR windows done

Front facade is looking good. If you look carefully you can see the slacking sliding door that has been returned.

Closeup of Brickwork above Garage
Close up of Portico / WIR window
Gurder Truss - Fixed. But now wall is load bearing. Noticed the laminated studs that have been added and the piece of wood chock.

Noticed this one today, stud completely split in half in Ensuite wall.

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