Friday, 15 February 2013

Fixing Carpenter Completed - Solar Hot Water

The carpenter has finished straighting all the walls and also installed modules that house the cavity sliding doors for the pantry and study.

The brickies have also started the brickwork to the portico, which made me realise that I need to make up my mind for the intercom soon as I might be having one that sits flush with the brickwork, in which case I need to ask the brick layers to leave some bricks out for me.

I also noticed that solar hot water unit was installed, but I don't really know which day it was.

I lost my video camera, the one that I have been using to take all my photos, I didn't have it on me the last few days and thought it was at home, but when checking again at home and the car and the house for the 20th time I realised where it was.. Sitting on the brickwork near the laundry door where I put it down as I was contemplating getting on the roof to have a look at a broken tile, then got distracted.

That was 3 days ago.. After visiting the site today I had a look and it was no where to be seen. It was after 5pm but I left a message for my SS to call me back ASAP. He called me 10 minutes later to my amazement, he probably though the house was on fire or something! I explained my situation and he was a little annoyed but told me the guys are honest but none would have taken it and they would have told him anything turned up. He said he will follow up with them on Monday. I was thinking it could have been only one of two people the brick layer or the fixing carpenter.

He called me back 20minutes later and told the the brick layer has it in his car!! He put it in there in the morning and forgot all about it! He said I can pick it up of him on Monday. Now how awesome is that of a follow up from our SS and what a great block the brick layer is!

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