Friday, 8 February 2013

Electrical - Completed, Catenary Wire Installed

Electrical rough in was completed today, all the scrap cabling has been removed which means this weekend installing all the data cabling and c-bus is a go!
I took half the day off and picked up all the dyna bolts, cable tightners, hole cutters, etc needed to install everything this weekend and packed the car. I did not want to find that I had to make trips back and forward from electrical stores/Bunnings so I purchased a bit extra with the throught of returning any surplus.

Myself and some friends got started friday night and installed all the catenary wires that are to support the 88 network cables. We will need the catenary wires to support the network cabling as the weight of the all cables will be to much and it will be impossible to clip that many cables. So we ran 6 individual catenary runs which covered most of the house and where there was more than 6 cables on a run. Some runs had 2 catenary runs side by side as the most you can have on a single cat cable is 24 and we had in some cases 36 running in one direction!

It took a lot of time adding the clamps and tighting the turn buckels but it will make a good foundation. I sourced cat6 cabling with specs that allow it to be cabled tied as this will be a big timer saver rather than velcro ties. It was about 2am! by the time we finished up and we were totally exhausted. But it I'm glad we didn't start Saturday as it would have ment that there was no way to be completed before Monday. It's going to be a long weekend! Sorry no photos on the catenary wiring as I was just to tired at the end and wanted to go home.

Garage Side. Sub Board, C-Bus Panel (will be light switches until after handover) and FFTH

Close up of FFTH, C-Bus Subboard, and Sub Board locations

Looking into Study and Store (to be Theatre Rack)


Study - Store

Theatre looking towards Kitchen / Pantry

Bed 3 looking into Bath/WC


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