Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Electrical - Rough In Started

The electricians had been on site today, we were expecting them to come tomorrow. They ran in the conduit for the fibre to the home, and also ran a few network points. I thought I better mark a few spots where I don't want them to run power cabling etc and hope they read/follow them.

I was also surprised to see the plaster had been delivered. Right in the middle of the room. The fixing carpenter hasn't been back yet so I thought it was a bit early. Hopefully it doesn't get damaged.

I also picked up all the C-Bus, Data Cable, Catenary Wire, Clips, Brackets, Etc for the house. It completely filled up my car.

Network Cabling and Conduit ready for Fiber to the Home

Garage Side of FTTH

Bathroom Shower Base Installed

Ensuite Shower Base Installed

Plaster delivered, bit early??

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