Saturday, 16 February 2013

Electrical - Data Point Locations

This morning we went off to Reece to have a look at heated towel rails. In the ensuite we only have one wall that we can put a towel rail on. This space is about 600mm wide so the maximum width towel rail we could really install would be about 500mm wide. I wanted to find a towel rail that would fit in these measurements but also have the same style but only wider for the bathroom. I really wanted to sort this out today as I wanted to put in the noggins this weekend for all the TV's, toilet roll holders, towel rails etc. We ended up settling on the Milan Hydrotherm. They are apparently very energy efficient as they use heated water rather than heated coils to heat the rail. They also have an option to add extra feet bits at the bottom of the rail to conceal the cabling rather than the tradition plug in style. See photos below!

I then spent the rest of the day at the house double checking and triple checking that all the data points have been installed where they are supposed to be. I did the same for all the C-Bus light switches and realised that I had missed the switches for the ensuite light and ensuite toilet light! I ran these and had only 20cm spare out of my 350m box now how lucky is that!

I installed about half the the metal backing brackets for the data and future power points and marked off the floor where the data/tv/hdmi/speaker/future gpos are. I ended up finishing at about midnight so I will have to come back tomorrow, I'm well and truly over the cabling now! haha.

Hydrotherm Milan Heated Towel Wall Rail 1030mm x 500mm for Ensuite

Hydrotherm Milan Heated Towel Wall Rail 1030mm x 800mm for Bathroom

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