Monday, 4 February 2013


We got a roof today!!! Finally.

It's looking great, we are really happy with the colour so far.

The bad; we found that the tilers had dropped a roof tile against the inside of the stacking door, the same door that has the 20cm chip on the outside. I spoke to the SS before getting out to side today about the 20cm chip and they said that this is easily fixed by just replacing the outside facia of the frame. It's actually just screwed on for the fly screen doors. But after having a look at the damamge on the inside of the frame this is not as easily replaceable. So now I have to call the SS back to discuss this with him. It'll have to be removed and sent back to be repainted as its power coated not painted.

Front Facade

Front / East Side (Ens Bath Ldry Bath2/3)

East Side (Ens Bath Ldry Bath2/3)

Ens, Ldry, Bed2, Bed3, Bed4, Games

Bed4, Games, Alfresco

Bed4, Games, Alfresco, Study, Garage

Alfresco, Lounge, Garage


Big Scratch where tilers dropped a tile agsint the stacking sliding door.

More Chipped Paint and rubber seal.

Chipped Paint, Thanks Tilers

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