Saturday, 2 February 2013

Smart Home Stratergy - Data Cabling.

Data Cabling

I've decided after being convinced by my sparky that now is the best time to install the network cabling  at per-plaster rather than us crawling around in the roof post handover. This is a bit of change to my plans as I'm someone who researches every choice to death, plans and diagrams out everything that I need before I start anything but I guesstimate that I only have about 1 week before the plaster goes on.

I had planned from the very start that I will build a dedicated theater room and have a separate AV rack that houses all the equipment so that I can centrally distributed AV around the house utilising cat6 cabling. The rack was to be built outside of the theater room, this rack will also be next to or comprise of the cat6 patch panels in order to easily distribute the AV to anywhere in the house. I will use 2 data points per possible TV screen location to distribute HDMI + 1 data for network cable TVs. Rooms that have a physical obstical like robes, door ways or open walk ways will have extra points added on the other side of the room to allow the room to be moved around. E.g. Bedrooms have 2 on each wall. 1 Data + 1 IP Phone add some data points for IP security cameras and the numbers quickly add up!

So now I need to quickly plan how many points are required, how much cable is needed?, how I'm going to support the amount of data points expected? (more than 40!). Where and what product do I use flush mount smart serve boxes?, do I install a mini rack?, or use a full height rack that my AV equipment is going in?. Have I finished deciding what AV rack I'm going to use? Can I import the rack as its not sold in Australia? Should I also do my home theater wiring at the same time? Probably.

Using Visio and my floor plan, I will now plan out my C-Bus, Data, AV, and Security Data Points to answer all these questions and come up with a Bill Of Materials to order next week.

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