Sunday, 3 February 2013

Cbus - Data Points - Home Theater - AV Distribution

So After talking to my sparky again he has suggested now is the best time to get in the networking cables, especially based on the amount of work it will require later with chasing cables in works even with noggins drilled. So I spent the weekend planning out everything as I expect electricals to finish this Thursday and need to be ready to run all this in. As such I have planned my first draft with the following items:
  • Data Point Locations (88 points and nearly 2000 meters of cable!!)
  • C-Bus Light Switch locations (305 meters of cable)
  • C-Bus Sensor Locations
  • Future C-Bus Switched GPO outlets
  • Security Camera Locations
  • Home Theatre Cabling:  Speakers, HDMI, Component, Projector, etc. 

I had also previously planned our C-Bus controlled dimmable lighting, C-Bus controlled switched lighting and the C-Bus controlled GPO points.

See all the various electrical diagrams below:

Data Point Locations

Data Point Locations including Cable Runs

C-Bus Switch and Sensor Locations

C-Bus Switch and Sensor Locations & Cable Runs

Home Theatre Cabling (excl speakers)

C-Bus Controlled - Dimmable Lighting
C-Bus Controlled - Switched (Relay) Lighting

C-Bus Controlled - General Power Outlets

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