Monday, 18 February 2013

Insulation Installed - Last of the Cabling

I got my video camera back! Now I can take more photos. Today the brickwork has started on the Study / Lounge walls. The insulation has also been installed thou a few batts have fallen out but I'll put them back in.

I also ran about 100 meters of antenna cable arround the house where I expect to have TVs and installed the intercom wiring for the door station, spare games room station, and extension ringer in the garage. I finished off installing the last few video cables for the home theatre (lounge room)

Porico brick work

Brickwork on Study wall

Study / Lounge brick progress

Alfresco, Study Lounge

Insulation in Entrance / Garage wall

Insulation in WIR

Insulation in Master Bedroom

Insulation in Ensuite

Insulation in Bed2

Insulation in Laundry

Insulation in Bath

Insulation in Bed3

Insulation in Bed4

Insulation in Games Room

Insulation Games looking toward Alfresco

Insulation and Cbus light switch location

Insulation in Study

Home theatre / Store Insulation

Home Theatre / Store room wall.

Home Theatre reat wall

Home Theatre Garage wall

Home Theatre front wall (looking towards kitchen)

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