Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Roof Completed - Frame Issues Fixed

We had some good progress today!

The roof has been finished with all the capping done and it looks awesome. The carpenter has been and fixed up all the issues from the Frame Inspection report, I'm really happy about this as this has been dragging on for ages. The door frames for the garage, laundry and front door were installed but the sidelight on the front door has completed cracked, I assume from when the carpenter installed the frame he twisted the frame to much, but not to worried about this as it can be fixed at any time.

I also received a call about upgrading our heating unit to support AC add on after handover, I'll probably give this a miss as we will be replacing the entire heating/cooling system with a Actron ESP Ultima system. I'll have a think about this tonight as the Actron system is nearly $20k!.

I also had a look and a think about how I'm going to do my theatre cabinet, specifically what type of cabinet I'm going to use and how its going to be mounted. Also thinking if the network cabling should go into the theatre rack or a seperate dedicated comms rack. For the theater rack I'll probably use a Middle Atlantic Slim 5 rack, as its made for installing into walls. For those of you interested google this one there are heaps of example setups.

Plumbing in the alfresco. The gas is one side of the pier and the hot/cold water points are on the other side. It ended up this way as I was told they couldn't fit these all on one side at contract, but they can easily be moved, I will probably move them as I don't like where they are. I'll ask the SS if he has any issues with me moving them.

I've also been thinking that I want to add an Intercom but I need to understand what one so I can add the cabling.


* All Frame Issues Fixed
* Front, Garage and Laundry Door Frames Installed
* Roof Finished with all Capping Done
* Front Door Window Smashed
* Can I move pluming in Alfresco?
* Large Metal Lintels delivered
* Received call about upgrading heating unit to support add on A/C
* Planning completed for Data, C-Bus, Home Theatre Cabling cabling lengths estimated and orders placed.
* Noggins, time to add these for towel rails, toilet holders, TVs etc. Need to think about which side and how high they need to be mounted.
* Theatre Cabinet, can I get the Middle Atlantic rack in AU?
* Intercom wiring requirements?

Front with capping done

Master Bed, Ens, Bed2, Ldry, Bath

Ens, Bed2, Laundry, Bath, Bed3

Ens, Ldry, Bath, Bed2, Bed3, Bed 4, Games

Bed4, Games, Alfresco, Study, Lounge, Garage

Alfresco / Lounge / Garage Side

Garage / Portico

Our Smashed Side Light

Example of look I'm going for with Theater Rack

Another Example: Thou mine will be twice as tall.

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  1. Hooray for the new roof! Good thing you managed to fix those frame problems right away. You'll be assured that your roof is ready and stable for any weather conditions. Anyway, are you done with the construction? Hope you're enjoying your new house. Have fun! :)

    Kent Ahlquist @ PittsburghAreaRoofers.com