Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Pre-Plaster Inspection.

So today we had our Pre-Plaster inspection, most of the items were still outstanding items from the first Frame Inspection Report. New ones that I wasn't aware of was the unlevel roof truss in the dinning, games, bed4 and bed 3/bed3 hallway. There was upto 2cm difference between the trusses directly next to the truss in question, other minor items are noggings for the baths for the lower sheets of plaster, and bracing required for a top plate where the plumber went a bit nuts with drilling a hole for the breather pipe in the pantry.

One item that wasn't listed but has been going on for ever it seems like is the stacking sliding door to the alfresco/family room. We have been waiting for the door to get fixed since we first raised the issue. The door has been removed along with the games room window that has a broken reveal. Hopefully it is getting fixed properly.

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