Thursday, 7 February 2013

Electrical - Nearly Complete

I went out on site this morning to meet the sparkies. I wanted to make sure that they don't run electrical cabling where I marked and wanted to see if they could move one TV  point which they said was no problem. We also had a chat about the location of where the electrical Sub-board is going and location for C-Bus board, they had no problem with any of this.

I also had a chat to the SS today about running a "few" data cables and home theatre wiring which he had no problems with! Woohoo.

When we visited after work 95% of the electrical was completed. They didn't install power points where I didn't want them! (Good!). The rear laundry door has bee installed and garage side door has been installed.

I also picked up all the AV and speaker cables tonight so we are good to go for the weekend to install as the sparkies look like they will be finished tomorrow.

Entrance Wall Holes Left to Right: FTTH, C-Bus Board Location, Sub-Board

Lots of 240v Home run cabling for C-Bus

Master Bed Room Electrical Done

Ensuite Cabling


Living Room

Games looking into Living



Alfresco Pier Cabling. Note how the Gas/Water are on different sites.

New Laundry Door!!

Garage Entry Door (will have to change to solid later)

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