Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Bricks Started! - Plumbing Issues 80% Fixed

I'm told the bricks started yesterday, but we didn't get out to the site yesterday as I needed a rest from the weekends cabling! When we visited today we say nearly one whole side of the house is half done. Talk about quick brickwork! Even better there is no red colour showing through the bricks like we were worried about, the brickies are off to a good start and the brick colour looks great!

We noticed the plumber had been out to install the fresh water points in the ensuite toilet/main toilet that he didn't do the first time. All the shower and bath mixers we also installed, but the mixer was put into the wrong spot for the ensuite spa, again another call to the SS for this one.

I also move the air conditioning duct in the lounge room after speaking to the SS today he had no issue with this.

I finished installing the rest of the AV cabling for the home theatre today. I wanted to install the metal brackets that the power points and data points screw into but I was told by the SS to wait as he is waiting for the fixing carpenter to come and straighten the walls and sometimes the brackets get in the way when they are planeing them back. So I'll probably install these on the weekend.

Front / East Bedroom Side

Masterbed Window

Meter box bricked in and straightened up

Ensuite, Bed2, Laundry, Bath, Bed3

Ensuite, Bed2, Laundry

Ensuite, Bed2, Laundry, Bed3, Bed4, Games
Bed4 / Bed3

Freshwater point now installed in Ensuite toilet

Freshwater point now installed in WC

Mixer and spout outlet installed in Bathroom

Bathroom Mixer

Mixers installed in Ensuite

Second Mixer

Spa mixer installed, but its in the wrong spot!


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