Thursday, 14 February 2013

Fixing Carpenter - Bath Frames

Today the fixing carpenter has been and started straighting out the walls. He had also installed the bath hob frames. It was nice to see the ensuite's hob. It's huge, we can't even lean over it to touch the window! I'm glad we ended up moving the mixer in our last building variation to the side wall as you walk in or it would have been impossible to turn the tap on/off with out getting in the bath.

The brickies have completed more bricks along bed4/games windows and also started on the brickwork in the alfresco.

Today I also drilled a few more holes in the noggins for the future 240v cabling, easier to do now than try and do it in the roof once the plaster is on!

More bricking along bed side of house.

And underneath Bed4/Games Window

Bricking started in the Alfresco. Note the stacking sliding door missing that has gone for repair, also note how I've moved the hot/cold water points on the alfresco pier to the same side.

Bathroom bath hob installed

Ensuite bath hob installed

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