Sunday, 17 February 2013

Electrical - Intercom, Brackets and Noggins!

I finally decided what style of Intercom I wanted and the door station style to go with it.

I ended up choosing the Aiphone intercom as it one of the most recognised systems in the world and has been around for a long time. They are Japanese made and have very good wide angle cameras upto 170° that are good at dealing with back lighting issues (e.g. silhouettes). The model I chose the JK-1MED allows for 1 door station and two room stations, one of these stations can also be replaced with a network module that allows you to access it via a PC, thou I don't really care about this. The unit also records the visitors who ring the door bell so that you can see who came when your not home. I have initially planned to have room monitor in the kitchen, and one in the games room as this should cover most of the house and one extension ringer in the garage and a bell press in the bathroom for the kids when they want/need something in the bath (its a Japanese thing :).

I did go off on a bit of a tangent as my wife is Japanese and we frequent Japan and I know that nearly everything there is cheaper and with better specifications than in AU in fact I found the same model with a wireless room receiver in Japan for $300 while the 1 door 2 room version here is $1200 and $800 if I ship it from the states and it doesn't even include wireless room module! The only catch was that it's 110v hardwired. I did come up with some plans but in the end I decided to skip the second room monitor in the games room. In total comes to about $500. For the sake of $200 and all the issues of having 110v transformers in the wall etc/etc. I couldn't be bothered.

With all that in mind I chose the flush mount door station and drew up a stencil in visio that I stuck up on the right wall of the portico so that the brick layer could brick around it. The brick layer had already started the brick work in the portico and finished at 1600mm from the ground level. The intercom door stations are supposed to be installed at 1500mm from floor level. We are planning to have a wood deck to our entrance so it is the perfect position!

I spent the most of the day installing the rest of the metal backing brackets for the data, speaker, light switches and future power points. I finished marking up the floor with a red crayon where all the data points, speaker wires, C-Bus light switches and future GPOs are to go so that I can find them once the plastering has been done.

The brick layer also decided to visit the site today to show his wife around so that she can see his handy work and also as they are thinking about building so he was showing her some floor plans he's worked on. We had a bit of a chat about the house and the intercom he had no issues with making a space for it. We also had a chat about the video camera, he said he would have brought it down if he knew I was there today.It

I finished up the day with installing all the noggins for the toilet roll holders, towel rails and TVs. It took quiet a while to do this. I cleaned up all the mess in the back half of the house before I couldn't be bothered doing anymore at 1AM.

Aiphone JK-DVF - Flush mount intercom door station

Aiphone JK-1MED - Colour recording room station

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